March 28, 2023

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2023 Special Park District Forum

NACPRO is meeting in conjunction with the 2023 Special Park District Forum. Join us in Lake County Illinois for great learning opportunities, the NACPRO awards banquet and great fellowship. 

June 19-22 - Lincolnshire, Illinois

The Lake County Forest Preserves in northern Illinois is thrilled to host the next Special Park Districts Forum. As principal guardian of Lake County’s open space and natural areas since 1958, we protect more than 31,000 acres of natural land and are the second-largest forest preserve district in Illinois.

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Miranda Walker, Interim Director
Isabella County Parks & Recreation
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan


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Custom Identity Picnic Table
Courtesy of Pilot Rock

Model T720 Custom Identity Picnic Table is built on a durable frame of 2-1/2” square steel tube for a stable footprint. The steel vertical support panel will include your laser cut identity.

Frame finishes include hot dip galvanized or colorful powder coating. Many color choices let you fit this table into your camp theme or landscape.

This table can be six or eight feet long with top/seat material choice of lumber, aluminum, recycled plastic & thermo-plastic-coated steel.

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Member News

Composting for Waste-Free Programs and Events
Courtesy of NRPA

By Tim Pritchard

OHIO - In 2015, Five Rivers MetroParks adopted a Waste Management Policy that specifies agency-produced programs, meetings and events be conducted waste free.

Composting for small programs is straightforward, with foresight to make sure the correct wares are purchased and disposal guidelines are communicated with guests. These efforts become more challenging for large events with multiple food vendors and open attendance, yet MetroParks has been successful in diverting more than 80 percent of the waste stream from the largest staff-produced event, the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience.

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Federal Conservation Funding: Supporting Local Park Initiatives
Courtesy of NRPA

By Kyle Simpson

This article will focus on two key conservation-related programs that received a boost in these bills and are accessible to park and recreation professionals — the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) for green stormwater infrastructure and the Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) Program for tree planting in or around towns and cities. Both programs leverage the power of parks and recreation to improve and expand green spaces and, in line with President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative, will prioritize investments for disadvantaged communities that are marginalized, underserved or overburdened by the harmful exposure to pollution.

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Best practice design considerations for a natural play area
Courtesy of PlayCore

Naturalization adds value to outdoor play equipment by enhancing its visual quality as a focal point, enhancing the benefits for children playing and learning in a natural environment. Manufactured equipment, combined with natural elements, tells children that playgrounds are their special play spaces. The added comfort and aesthetic enhancement of nature also encourage accompanying adults to become more enthusiastic users. Read more here for a few ways to get started planning your nature play space.

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Innovation Thrives When Governments Embrace Next-Gen Public-Private Partnerships
Courtesy of Government Executive

By Chris Teale

Instead of being focused purely on funding projects, the next generation of P3s, or “P3 2.0,” should emphasize building relationships among a community’s anchor institutions and advocating for the use of new technology and innovation to help solve a community’s problems. 

With a long-term goal of fostering greater trust between governments, academia, businesses and residents, these next-gen P3s support “shared economic prosperity through innovation," said Debra Lam, founding executive director of the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation and previously the managing director of Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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Hot asphalt! What to Know Before you Seal 
Courtesy of Riverlink

With temperatures warming up, you may be planning to refresh the sealcoat on your driveway or parking lot. As you consider what sealcoat product to use, it is important to be aware of coal tar-based sealcoat products and their impact on water quality. Most sealcoat products are either asphalt-based or coal tar-based; unfortunately, coal tar-based sealcoats are the leading source of PAH contamination in area waterways. Coal tar-based products contain about 1,000 times more PAHs than asphalt-based ones.

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$70 Million to Support Environmental Justice Through the Environmental Protection Agency 
Courtesy of NRPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a new funding opportunity to support park and recreation agencies and their community partners in their critical efforts to combat the impacts of climate change. Approximately 40 awards of up to $1 million across three years will be made to local governments, including park and recreation agencies and federally recognized Tribal governments collaborating with at least one community-based nonprofit organization. 

Applications are due April 14.

For more information:$70-million-to-support-environmental-justice-through-epa/


New tools and technologies
Courtesy of Climate Central

For coastal counties, where 40% of Americans live, flooding related to rising sea levels is reshaping lives, livelihoods, and landscapes. FloodVision™, a new technology developed by Climate Central, is designed to help coastal cities understand climate change risk. 

Climate Central custom-designed a vehicle-top mapping tool that utilizes highly precise optical, LiDAR, and GPS sensors. The vehicle itself, called FloodRover, drives by a building or scene collecting images and data that can predict future flood risk down to your doorstep. 

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The Electrification of Parks and Recreation
Courtesy of NRPA

One of the most far-reaching trends that will sweep the field of parks and recreation during the next decade is the conversion of fossil-fueled power sources to electric power. Many park and recreation agencies already have begun to implement the conversion from fossil fuels to electrically powered tools, equipment, vehicles and even buildings. 

In a wide-ranging conversation with senior representatives of The Toro Company, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial grade mowers and power equipment, the representatives affirmed they are making the conversion to electrically powered equipment a strategic priority.  The company sees the move to electrification as an industry-wide imperative driven by customer demand and regulatory factors. It’s important to note that more leading manufacturers of commercial-grade mowers and power equipment recognize this need in the park and recreation space and either currently offer or plan to introduce electric-powered products in the future.

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White House Invest in Nature Call to Action
Courtesy of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy 

The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to conserving and restoring nature, giving communities the tools they need to be resilient, and achieving our climate goals. Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, we are taking aggressive action to drive significant progress. This year’s global theme for Earth Day, “Invest in Nature,” underscores the importance of this these efforts, and the need to do even more. 

Building on the bold actions taken and strong partnerships forged across sectors over the past year, and emphasizing areas of action identified in the Administration’s America the Beautiful Initiative and Nature-Based Solutions Roadmap, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is launching an “Invest in Nature Call to Action”, calling on the private sector, foundations, academic institutions, educators, health care providers, and individuals to join the mission. 

We invite you to join us and submit commitments of new or expanded efforts to invest in jobs, youth, and resilient cities and communities – through nature. Send your ambitious commitments to [email protected]

Commitments received by April 6, 2023 may be amplified by OSTP. We will continue accepting commitments through March, 2024. 

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States Consider Ending Right on Red to Address Rising Pedestrian Deaths
Courtesy of Pew

By Erika Bolstad

For nearly five decades, drivers in much of the United States have taken for granted a privilege unknown in much of the rest of the world: Arrive at a red light, stop, and if the intersection is clear, turn right even if the signal isn't green.

Transportation planners can do plenty to make streets safer beyond banning right on red, said Jeff Speck, a city planner and the author of "Walkable City." He's an advocate for replacing some signaled intersections with all-way stop signs, which studies have shown can reduce collisions "precipitously," Speck said in an email.

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To fight e-bike fires, New York state and city lawmakers crack down on unsafe batteries, chargers
Courtesy of Smart Cities

By Michael Brady

More than 25 lithium-ion batteries in New York City caught fire through Feb. 24, a fourfold increase over the same period in 2022, the lawmakers said. Last year’s 216 fires attributed to such batteries signaled a dramatic increase in just a few years, as there were just 44 such fires in 2020, a New York Fire Department spokesperson told Smart Cities Dive in December.

Under the first statewide bill, lithium-ion batteries and chargers would meet the state’s minimum safety standards if they are certified by Underwriters Laboratories, International Electrotechnical Commission, American National Standards Institute, or Society of Automotive & Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing, distributing, or selling batteries in the state that do not meet such standards could result in a $500 penalty for the first violation and a $1,000 fine for subsequent offenses. 

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Philadelphia ‘Lights Out Pledge’ Seeks To Prevent Bird Deaths
Courtesy of Planetizen

By Diana Ionescu 

PENNSYLVANIA - Roughly 100 Philadelphia buildings have signed on to a ‘lights out pledge’ aimed at preventing migratory birds from deviating from their migration paths and striking buildings, reports Bridget Reed Morawski in Next City. The Lights Out Philly program was developed over decades by Keith Russell and Audubon Mid-Atlantic, who tried to draw attention to the issue but had little luck until a massively publicized bird strike event in 2020.

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2023 NACo Achievement Awards

Achievement Award winners earn recognition that can include local media coverage, features in County News, congressional testimony, White House and federal agency briefings, NACo publications, and a spotlight at the 2023 Annual Conference.

The deadline to apply is April 7. 

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DOD and DOI Partnership Provides $80 Million to Preserve Natural Landscapes Around Military Installations and Enhance Outdoor Recreation Opportunities
Courtesy of SORP

The Department of Defense and the Department of the Interior are joining forces to preserve land around military installations and improve access to outdoor recreation for millions of Americans and defense communities. Through the new Readiness and Recreation Initiative, DOI's National Park Service will provide $40 million in funding from unobligated Land and Water Conservation Fund balances to safeguard natural areas, protect water resources, preserve cultural heritage sites, and provide recreation opportunities for the public. The REPI Program will provide a matching $40 million in funds to support projects within an existing REPI agreement area or an area that is actively developing a REPI agreement area. 

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America’s Outdoor Recreation Act Reintroduced
Courtesy of SORP

By Eric Colby

America’s Outdoor Recreation Act yesterday was reintroduced in the 118th Congress with strong bipartisan support. The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable and its members across the $862 billion outdoor recreation economy urged approval of the bill, which aims to improve access to outdoor spaces, including waterways.

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The Farm Bill and Recreation
Courtesy of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable

April 5th, 2:00 pm ET

Did you know the Farm Bill affects more than just agriculture? Join ORR, our members, state Office of Outdoor Recreation Directors, and industry experts April 5th to learn how this major piece of legislation can grow local economies, invigorate rural communities, build sustainable infrastructure, secure access to public lands and waters, and more through investments in outdoor recreation resources. 

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Upcoming Webinars from American Trails
Courtesy of American Trails

April 6: Helping Wheelchair Hikers Find Hiking Trails

May 11: Building a Comprehensive Count Program in Your Park or on Your Trails

May 18: Informing the Trail Experience: The Process of Signing a Trail

May 25: Pack Goats: The Agile Trail Helpers

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Job Openings

New - Environmental Specialist II
Sarasota County Government
Nokomis, Florida
$43,7220 - $59,821 Annually
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Landscape Architect
Forest Preserve District of Will County
Joliet, Illinois
$64,701 - $97,092 Annually
Application Deadline: Mar 31, 2023

Chief of Interpretive and Recreation Services
East Bay Regional Park District
Oakland, California
$143,374 - $182,935 Annually
Application Deadline: Apr 28, 2023

Parks & Recreation Program Supervisor
Ottawa County Parks & Recreation
West Olive, Michigan
$26.01 - $33.81 Hourly
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Parks and Recreation Director
Centre Region Council of Governments
State College, Pennsylvania
$101,062 - $124,390 Annually
Application Deadline: Apr 9, 2023

Program Manager I
Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation
Los Gatos, California
$112,195 - $136,431 Annually
Application Deadline: Apr 10, 2023

Park Ranger I
Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation
Los Gatos, California
$70,599 - $85,386 Annually
Application Deadline: Jun 6, 2023

Senior Park Maintenance Worker
Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation
Los Gatos, California
$77,286 - $93,506 Annually
Application Deadline: Mar 28, 2023

Chief of Design and Construction
East Bay Regional Park District
Oakland, California
$143,374 - $182,935 Annually
Application Deadline: Apr 14, 2023

Coordinator of Fund Development and Major Gifts
Ottawa County Parks
West Olive, Michigan
$36.47 - $47.41 Hourly
Application Deadline: Open until closed

Parks Project Manager Engineer
Oakland County Parks and Recreation
Waterford, Michigan
$80,893 - $108,380 Annually
Application Deadline: Open until closed

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